Duhallow – A Very Special Place

While up in the loft recently I found a copy of Seanchas Duthalla the Duhallow magazine from 1993. Not something that would usually grab my attention but while in the bathroom I was in need of some reading material and with nothing else at hand I opened the pages. There were many images of the […]

Complete Beginner’s Guide to Gardening

The Secret GardenComplete Beginner’s Guide to GardeningA comprehensive course comprising of fourteen sessions, which can be taken individually or as a complete course. Individual classes are charged at €10 each or the complete course of 14 costs €125. Each class lasts for two hours, and the price includes refreshments & handouts. Classes will only go […]

National Organic Week

Well if you didn’t know it finishes tomorrow. It was actually National Organic Week between the 14th – 20th September 2009. Funded by the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food and co-ordinated by BordBia, National Organic Week aims to continue to raise consumer awareness of organicfood, how to recognise it when shopping and where to […]

A big thank you

We recently had a double page spread advert to spread the word about our new developments and were kindly supported by several businesses so a big thank you. It seems only fair to give them some credit back so here goes……. All Wood Homes and Log Cabins http://www.woodhomepro.com/ The supplier of our lovely new building […]

Beauty not the beast

No I am not being vain with the title although Mutley always got far more attention than me. We are blessed with a beautiful location and our lane is very scenic. However from time to time we do have those self centred pig ignorant visitors who feel it is ok to show their beastly side […]