Gardening jobs this month: March

14th March 2010: ■ In mild areas, sow peas, broad beans, parsnips and carrots. ■ Continue planting lily bulbs. ■ Order onion sets, shallots and seed potatoes. Stocks are already running low. ■ Cut back hedges before birds start to nest. ■ Prune large flowered clematis. ■ Start to prune roses, removing dead, damaged or […]

Something for the weekend……

13th March 2010: As we all know gardening is not just for the weekend……… With the lighter nights we all want to be getting outdoors for some digging or seed sowing. For that reason we have returned to our normal closing time of 6pm Tuesday to Sunday. So you can visit whenever suits you without […]

We name this building

6th March 2010: After lots of deliberation we have come up with a very simple name for the building we opened at the end of the summer last year. It is going to be the T Room, as it is a place for training, therapy (both horticultural and retail) and of course tea. Just think […]