Every bride has a vision of what her bouquet will look like, whether a classic, neat dome of roses, or a natural, unstructured armful of flowers and foliage that gives the idea of the bride collecting her flowers that very morning from a dewy meadow…..The bouquet is an expression of your own personal style, everyone has the right one for them, let us help you find yours.

Choosing your bouquet can be overwhelming as there are so many options. Not just the flowers you choose, but shape,colour and style. It’s the most personal arrangement of the day, many brides include keepsakes such as photo lockets or pieces of jewellery. Are there any flowers that have special meaning for you? What did your mum or nan have in their bouquet? Do you have a favourite flower? Would you like it to be scented? Think about the size and weight of it – you’ll be carrying it for a lot of the day! It’s going to be in all your photographs, so choose something that you’ll love forever.  What is your dress style? If you are wearing a more boho style gown, then your bouquet should be a more natural, loose style. Maybe your dress is classic, elegant or glam – all of this will influence the style of the bouquet.   Seasonal flowers will not only look right, but will be better quality and better value. We can advise  you on what is in season and will work for your style and budget.