At the heart of The Secret Garden is my passion for flowers.  Here we grow beautiful blooms that offer an enchanting alternative to the imported flowers that make up the majority of what’s available for sale in Ireland today. We grow organically as we not only grow them for cutting, but also for the bees and butterflies that share the garden with us.

I love the process of growing flowers – from the early stages of poring over seed catalogues, to seedlings emerging, to finally getting to harvest and create with them, it’s a joy and no two seasons (or indeed weeks) are the same. When I began creating wedding flowers back in 2010, I was working mainly with imported flowers and I noticed that people would often ask whether the flowers were real – there’s no denying that imported flowers are beautiful, but their beauty has an artificialness to it – almost too perfect, and with rare exception, no scent. Flowers from the garden have a more natural beauty, and because I grow flowers that don’t always travel well, it means I can offer something unique and different from the high-street florist or supermarket.

When you give someone flowers, whether it’s a bunch just picked from the garden or a bride seeing her bouquet for the first time on the morning of her wedding, it’s a wonderful feeling – people light up when you give them flowers, and always, always they hold the flowers to their face to inhale the scent.