No flies on his crop…..or how to deal with root fly

(10th April 2011) Well my ‘favourite’ journalist in The Sunday Times gets something right and something wrong in his feature entitled ‘No flies on my crops’.

In summary the feature is about growing carrots and the issue of carrot root fly and how to prevent them.

Well Mr Keenan gets one thing right his local DIY barn is expensive if they are charging €20 for a roll of 10m by .5m of Environmesh, particularly when we sell a similar product at €6.50 for a pack 5m by 1.4m. Maybe Mr Keenan should visit his local garden centre from time to time.

What he gets wrong is where he states that most nematode doses cost more than €20, again if he had looked up Supernemos he would find that the product costs €20 including postage. And one application of SuperNemos effectively targets a range of garden pests: wireworms, vine weevils, strawberry root weevils, carrot weevils, chafer grubs, caterpillars, cutworms, leatherjackets, cucumber, tomato & potato beetle larvae, cabbage worm, fungus gnats larvae and many more! And even better available at The Secret Garden Centre

So grow your carrots without fear………

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