A bag of bags: GreenSax Compostable Caddy/Bin Bags

A bag of bags an unusual title but this was exactly what I received from the guys at GreenSax, in fact four types of bags.

My favourites the Kitchen Caddy and the Pedal Bin will have an immediate use as we already separate our vegetable peelings, tea bags, eggshells and other compostable goods into the compost caddy. The one messy element of the caddy without the bag is the build of decaying material which is not a pleasant job particularly when the water spurts in while attempting to clean it and deposits a lovely smelly mess all over you (believe me it has happened no pictures to prove it thankfully).

So with the bags the issue of the mess is easily managed as they have ties for you to close them and deposit them in the compost bin. And within 10-45 days depending on your compost bin etc the bags break down as they are made from natural ingredients.

So there is no need for you not to recycle your green waste so get composting and give your garden a treat and reduce your bin costs as you will be amazed at how much these bags and a compost heap can save you in the long run.

Anne Scott-James:

However small your garden, you must provide for two of the serious gardener’s necessities, a tool shed and a compost heap.


For more details on the creators of GreenSaxs look up http://www.greensax.ie/website/

For details on the benefits of composting the guys at Stop Food waste have a great page lookup http://www.stopfoodwaste.ie/index.php?id=43


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