Seed potatoes

(3rd January 2012)The Christmas holidays are definitely over and we have enjoyed the time off as well as the spuds at our Christmas dinner. Now feeling all refreshed and ready to get going again we will have our seed potatoes available from early February.

Sarah has selected a great range of seed potato this year including taster packs of:


Edzel Blue Seed Potato Taster Pack €2.99
‘Edzell Blue’ a second early First introduced in 1915, this Second Early seed potato variety produces vivid purple-blue skinned potatoes; within the flesh is bright white and floury in texture – almost to the point of being dry.

To serve this as a boiled potato is virtually impossible as when boiling it goes from hard to collapse at the ‘blink of an eye’ – but for mashing, roasting, frying and sautéing it is wonderful.

Seed Potato Mayan Gold Taster Pack €2.99
‘Mayan Gold’ Yellow skinned, long, oval, tubers with a deep golden flesh, a unique nutty flavour, and an extremely creamy, yet dry texture. This exclusive early maincrop potato has proven exceptionally popular with chefs and the restaurant trade. Fantastic for chips and roast potatoes with a crispy texture and fluffy centres. Superb flavour when cooked in its skin, and for all cooking uses except boiling, as tubers tend to disintergrate.



Seed Potato Highland Red Taster Pack €2.99
‘Highland Red’ This variety of potato dates back to at least 1936 when it was used to add appropriate colour to a meal for the Duke of Burgundy in the Savoy. Highland Burgundy Red is mostly burgundy red inside with a definite ring of white flesh just under the skin. Highland Burgundy red has a dull russet layer over a bright burgundy skin.

The tubers are oval to long oval. They make excellent novelty chips, crisps and mash.
Nutritionalists say that the antioxidants provide many health benefits, including protection against cancer and other diseases.

There are also a range of organic seed potatoes (‘Arran Victory’, ‘Record’ and ‘Colleen’) as well as the old favourites (‘British Queens’, ‘Rooster’ and ‘Kerr Pinks’) and of course the blight resistant Sarpo’s.

Available online or at The Secret Garden centre.

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