All you need is love


All you need is love, or more precisely all you need is Valentines Day to remove the writers block I have had since the new year.

Now here at The Secret Garden we believe romance should be for everyday of the year, not just Valentines and we definitely don’t believe in increased prices or selling Valentines Day tat.

So what do we suggest, well firstly how about a living gift of Rose of the Year 2013 with the aptly titled ‘You’re Beautiful’.

You’re Beautiful is a most eye-catching rose which will be covered in bright pink flowers. The name ‘You’re Beautiful’ is truly fitting and makes a lovely statement particularly for the tongue tied romantics.

Just arrived this week we have locally made soaps and bath bombs, the soap in the image above is part of the range. For less than a fiver you can give a lovely gift and to make it more personal why not add a note offering a candle lit bath for the recipient. You could also add the heart shaped bath bombs as shown below.

20130202-211336.jpg These are handmade locally with the finest oils and high quality dry flowers, they have no lanolin or animal fats and are not tested on animals.

If you are stuck for ideas pop into the Tea Room where we have a lovely gift range with candle holders, decorative signs, soy candles and melts plus much more.



20130202-214259.jpgOur final suggestion is Greenside Up Feeling Hot Chilli seed collection which contains up to eight different varieties of hot pepper seeds from Mexico, the Far East and the Caribbean, chosen to enhance your culinary creations. Definitely a great gift for the hot blooded gardener.

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