Something different in the basket!!!!

Well hanging basket appears to have finally arrived and one of the questions we are regularly asked is ‘What should we put in our baskets?’

The million dollar question that depends on so many factors : location, colour scheme, personal likes/dislikes etc. The usual suspects of Surfinias, Bacopa, Verbena, Fuschia and Lobelia are often suggested and used. There is one plant that is often overlooked until later in the season when we use it in baskets and everyone wants to buy it.

This magical plant is the Torenia which has the following attributes

Blooms all season long with Snapdragon-like flowers with a mounding/trailing habit
It is a foolproof combo plant for pots and window boxes
Mixes well with Bacopa, Supertunias, and/or Osteospermums
Heat and shade tolerant
Low maintenance.
Filler – Intermingles well with other plants to fill in the middle ground of a combination
You can plant alone or in combinations in all container types or in landscapes
Deadheading Not Necessary
Heat Tolerant
Pet Friendly and well mannered

So I present you with the Torenia

Torenia Yellow Moon Flower

And for those who might find it gaudy there are several other colours (not in stock at present) including Rose Moon, Magenta Moon and Purple Moon.

Torenia Rose Moon

Go on do something different with your baskets this season.

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