Feeling hot hot hot!!!

A funky song title from the 80’s as well as a great summary for the heat wave that us currently hitting Ireland.

So just how hot is it? Well apparently this hot and beyond from the various in car thermometer images doing the rounds on twitter and Facebook.


Well it’s not only gardeners who are feeling hot is is also the plants that are struggling with the unusual temperatures.

So what can you do to survive.

1. Drink plenty of fluids (including the odd alcoholic beverage if required, cider is being enjoyed here)
2. Enjoy the shade……no shade I suggest planting trees which provide shade, cool the air and add to the environment. But wait till later in the year or you will be doing lots of tip no 3.
3. Water. Not just half a watering can type of watering. You don’t want lazy plants……soak them thoroughly and if you can use your stockpiled rain water in those butts. And water late at night or first thing in the morning. Avoid midday for you and the plants. For any really dehydrated plants in pots we sit them in water and let them get a good old soak.
4. Mulch. It prevents the water you just put down from being evaporated from this glorious sunshine. Bark mulch is great.
5. Don’t panic some plants do wilt but recover when the sun recedes and you water them. Don’t let them go crispy though not good!!!
6. Enjoy. It won’t last forever, so enjoy it while it’s here. We will only be moaning about the cold wet weather again when it has departed.


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