Why do they grow weeds mummy?

Not a weed honestly!!!!
Not a weed honestly!!!!

I overheard a child asking his mother “Why do they grow weeds mummy?” while having their tea and cake yesterday, and was rather surprised as well as delighted to hear her explanation. The mum explained although it might look like a weed it actually is a very beautiful plant that feeds the wildlife.

The plant in question is the rather elegant teasel with its spiny flower heads that rise out of the prickly rosette of leaves in summer. The pinkish purple dry to an attractive shade of brown and make a perfect feeding station for the goldfinches later in the year once the bees have finished the summer first course.

Elegant teasel

Of course we do grow weeds, and have many nettles and other wildflowers that some gardeners may not approve of. However the wildlife adores it and for that reason there will always be room for some weeds!!!!!

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