Plant of the week: Physocarpus ‘Little Devil’

Sometimes bigger is not better!!!!! This is often the case when showing the rather lovely Physocarpus ‘Diablo’ et al, as they can grow up to 1.5 – 2.5m in height and spread. I certainly do not object to it in my own garden however there are some people who perceive this as gigantic.

Physocarpus diablo
Physocarpus diablo

So the lovely aspect of a deep purple foliage shrub with small white, pink-tinged flowers in summer of the likes of Physocarpus ‘Diablo’ is now produced with our aptly named plant of the week Physocarpus ‘Little Devil’ which we have just sourced.

Physocarpus Litlle Devil
Physocarpus Litlle Devil

Like its larger sibling ‘Little Devil’ is much like ‘Diablo’ just smaller and cuter in every way; a smaller size only 1metre tall, leaves smaller, smaller flower clusters. The leaf color is different in that it’s brighter red and glossy where ‘Diablo’ is matte. Stems glow red and leaves turn green on the interior of the plant. In spring, clusters of small pinkish white flowers offer a bright contrast against the dark foliage.

Little Devil1

Its upright and compact habit makes it really useful for borders, tubs and patios as well. Hardy to -20c and resistant to pests and diseases it looks like an all round winner and worthy of our plant of the week.

Sarah’s Tip
For a gorgeous contrast plant I suggest the Leycesteria formosa ‘Golden lanterns’ A great addition to the perennial border, leycesteria is an easy growing plant with lots of color. Golden Lanterns’ sunny yellow foliage has reddish new growth. Dark purple-red bracts and 4″ long, pendulous flowers make it even more colorful. Also called pheasant berry, the dark purple autumn fruit does indeed attract pheasants and other wildlife.

Leycestria Formosa 'Golden Lanterns'
Leycestria Formosa ‘Golden Lanterns’
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