Strike 3 you are out

29th April 2009:

Already having hens and ducks the introduction of a cockerel was made easier and Sarah being a soft touch allowed for Chanticleer to join our merry brood. He was meant to have been a hen and his owners already had a cockerel so he needed a new home. Even I with my fear of flapping wings agreed and one Saturday this fine specimen arrived.

Full of voice he quickly grabbed much attention with comments of “My what a fine cock you have” much to our childish amusement. Chanticleer quickly became aware of his status and would find the highest perch and then let rip letting everyone know of his presence. This presence quickly grew into one where his domination turned into aggression with Sarah specifically. Like a roman gladiator Sarah would enter the pen, dustbin lid and broom in tow to ensure any advances were held back while keeping her eye on his every move. This progressed to Chanticleer hearing Sarah’s voice and with his athletic prowess would seek out his prey. So with a fear of him attacking Sarah or others (being sued for cockerel attacks not good from a business point of view) we placed an advert offering him free to a new home. He was quickly snapped up and since then the hens and Sarah have been far more relaxed.
So onto home three where we have heard he has started to stalk his new female owner.
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