We do not want to look like ball boys

Here at The Secret Garden we do not feel that we want us all in bright coloured polo shirts so that we look like mature ball boys/girls. Very corporate and just not us. Instead we have opted for a subtle apron and even better they are made from hemp and have less impact on the environment compared to cotton. They are from a fantastic company called Greenfibres and these are their aims.

To source the highest quality organic and natural textiles and to minimize the use of synthetics.
To pay a fair price for goods or services and to use local labour wherever possible.
To minimize packaging (and use only recyclable packaging when needed).
To minimize “textile-miles” and to help re-establish and support local textile production and manufacture in the UK.
To conduct the business of running a business in a mindful and responsible way, including the actions taken, operating principles and service providers used.
To contribute to the education of the general public on organic textiles and related issues (e.g. GM cotton and working conditions of textile workers).

However if we are to have this long hot summer that has been forecast I may have to invest in some mankini’s with The Secret Garden logo of course
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