And so it begins the ridiculous level of campaign posters. I saw the first load of posters today from an independent candidate and on the five minute drive to pick up the boys I counted 15 posters from the same candidate. Given that both my short and long term memory are fairly good, do we really need to see the same image every 50-100 metres. We are not goldfish

I am aware that the Environment Minister in 2008 John Gormley was looking at ways to reduce pollution and littering caused by election posters.Mr Gormley launched a public consultation process to examine how to address the problem.Some of the ideas put forward included restricting the locations where posters can be displayed, introducing a new code of practice and bringing in new powers for local authorities. So what has changed anything, I expect very little and we will see the same level of posters and the environmental aspect will remain at the back burner. I believe that the Green party are using environmentally friendly election posters from sustainable, Irish forests. We shall see

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