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Just giving a recommendation to a business that recently opened in Kanturk. They are Bee Alive health store it is great to have them so close and offering such a wide range of products at such a competitive price.

One aspect of striving to be a greener garden centre is the use of household products like washing up liquid and cleaners that are not harmful to the environment. Most products contain a number of toxic ingredient such as phosphates, EDTA, Enzymes, Optical Brighteners, Chlorine Bleaches, Synthetic Perfumes, Formaldehyde, Lanolin, Animal Based or Synthetic Glycerine, Synthetic dyesโ€ฆ All so toxic

For that reason we only use products which are kind to animals and the environment. Our favourite products are from ECOVER and Lilly’s Eco Clean which are made in Castletownbere in West Cork. The Lilly’s products are available from Bee Alive

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