Make sure it has a crocodile

We are pleased to say that we have just taken stock of some superb quality agricultural hand tools identifiable by the famous Chillington “Crocodile” brand stamped into them at time of manufacture.
Not only are they incredibly well made they also have excellent eco credentials. The Hoe heads are designed and manufactured to last as long as possible maybe even a lifetime, so less energy will be needed and less raw materials will be needed… there is less demand on the earth’s resources and less costs to you(not so good for me though).
The strong wooden shafts are purposely shaped as to tighten into the Hoe head so requiring no further fastenings… less costs and environment demands.The remnants of the Hoe head when at the end of it’s working life can easily be recycled into working steel again, and the wooden shaft can be burnt safely releasing no more extra carbon into the atmosphere as wood is carbon neutral.
And the other great thing is the price of these tools, come in and see them for yourself and be very surprised at such little cost for a quality tool.
See the link for full details
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