Harder than it looks

Alan and Brian took on the masterful task on making the new poly-tunnel. Definitely not as easy as it looks and involved lots of cursing and talking about angles, being square and was it plumb. After some professional advice from Patrick our multi skilled builder it started to take shape and I caught them looking all smug at their handy work. I have to agree it will look fantastic once completed, so while the weather is good it is full steam ahead.

The area inside the tunnel has been turned and rotavated (which the ducks and hens loved, like a buffet) so really well prepared so now it just needs the staging and doors putting up before putting the skin on.

Having re-skinned the main tunnel last year I remember this was the fiddly bit and involved lots of red faces and grunting. Around this will be the raised vegetable and herb beds with the cold frames nearby. The compost bins are fenced off with the ducks patrolling for any slugs that may venture over looking for a free meal.
The Secret Garden is getting really well prepared for growing our own vegetables.
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