I was pleased to see The Sunday Times reviewing the Ecobutton in the Greenhouse effects in the Home Section this Sunday. Not only did it remind me of the item but given our use of the computer for ordering, promotion of the business and research etc in between customers it makes sense to consider using it.

The ecobutton works by pressing it every time you leave the computer idle and that can be fairly often bar the times our eldest is not using it for his computer games. With a press of the button the “ecomode” comes into play. This is the good bit apparently on just one computer you could save up to €55 in electricity which would pay for itself in about 4 months. Coming in at €17.60 plus €2.75 delivery that’s a pretty low cost item which will be good on the pocket and even better on the environment.

I know that you can also use the power-saving mode which can be accessed through the Windows Shutdown menu. So maybe this may be a better system as it is on our computers already perhaps this with a sign saying sleep mode is the answer after all.

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