A greener electricity

“The electricity generating industry is the biggest single source emitter of CO2 worldwide due to a reliance on fossil fuels (such as coal, oil and gas) for energy. Unless something is done about this, climate change will not be successfully tackled. Wind farms are the most economical and technologically advanced means to produce electricity that is 100% green and does not impact negatively “
The statement above was one of the reasons that led to us switching our electricity supply from ESB to Airtricity earlier this year. A simple process and one which supports a supplier of energy of which 79% is renewable compared to the minuscule figure of 9% from ESB. Some may question this claim but Airtricity’s green values were recognised by the Inaugural Green Awards in 2008 were Airtricity were awarded the Green Energy Award. The Green Energy Award is open to any company that is involved in supplying renewable energy and to businesses that have developed new technological solutions that enable the production of energy more efficiently.
I know that for those living close to wind farms there may not be the same level of support but I do feel wind farms and wave energy farms are a way forward to ensure that we reduce the level of damage to the climate.

The process was very smooth and even has the added advantage of saving us money something in our current economic climate that is crucial. So take the plunge and make the switch……
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