Beauty not the beast

No I am not being vain with the title although Mutley always got far more attention than me. We are blessed with a beautiful location and our lane is very scenic. However from time to time we do have those self centred pig ignorant visitors who feel it is ok to show their beastly side and throw their rubbish on the lane.

I have often returned from walking the dogs with bits of rubbish which I have picked up. The majority of it can often be recycled (especially one orange energy drink in a bottle which seems to be a favourite) and for a little bit of effort I ensure our lane remains as it should be.
So what brought me to this, well in the local paper today there eco tip is as follows

“Is the abandoned rubbish in your area driving you mad? Stop complaining, and start working on it. Bring a bag and gloves with you and take even a small amount home, recycling it through your waste system.

The bending and stretching will help your fitness levels plus you’ll set a fabulous example to onlookers.”

Well I dont know about feeling fit, it is more likely that the majority of onlookers wonder why I am walking home with rubbish perhaps thinking I have some kind of weird fetish. What I do know is that if we all make a small contribution it can make a large impact.
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