Our green Father Christmas

Given our green ethos we felt it would be a tad unnecessary on the air miles to have the real Father Christmas come and join us for our Christmas markets. So with the perfect candidate in mind we approached our potential candidate in December 2007. With lots of apprehension and with the promise of eternal gratitude and some booze we had a Father Christmas.

Well Santa needed a costume so off I popped to the local supermarket and bought the last of their bargain costumes. Father Christmas arrived and squeezed himself into the rather tight costume and to the sheer pleasure of our children they had Father Christmas in our living room.

So here he was on his first time at being Father Christmas…..

As you can see the top was a little tight and with some quick improvisation a belt was added to hide the rather disgusting Arsenal top that Father Christmas had chosen to wear that night. I guess to rile me as I am a avid Spurs fan.

Well Father Christmas went down a storm, and even with the ribbing from both friends and family we got him to agree to come to next years market. Our Father Christmas went down a storm again and for this year our initially reluctant candidate was so good he decided to grow the beard, buy his own costume and even get the round glasses.

As you can see Father Christmas looked very fantastic as well as content probably aided by the delicious mulled wine he drank, and he charmed the many children who came along to have their time with him. What we like about our Father Christmas is that there is no charge and for me what this does, is recreate some of the romantic elements of what Christmas is really about and not one of hosting Father Christmas simply to make money.

Father Christmas was very busy this year with several people calling us asking for his phone number which we duly passed on and he attended many events and charmed many children.

What does make me smile is we often see Mick out gardening in the local community and as we pass my two boys shout a big hello to Father Christmas.

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