A horticultural holiday

Europe’s first horticultural theme park will be opening in April 2010 in Angers France, and its theme is purely plants and their role in daily life in an educating and fun manner.
It sounds an interesting concept, when I suggested it at the breakfast table I certainly got strange looks however once I had the web site up and the sounds and virtual tour images had the boys captivated.

It would seem more like a day trip and at most two days with a over 110, 000 sq.m of gardens, aquatic areas and greenhouses with 40 attractions and presentations and is described as a multidimensional experience of plant life from all six continents. If you want to take a look the English version of the website is through http://uk.terrabotanical.fr/#/accueil

For a more detailed description of the site the press pack is well worth looking up on the web site.

I am glad to see the environmental aspect appears to have been taken into consideration in the construction process of the park, the green walls of the buildings look incredible.
For the moment though I will stick with Glengariff Bamboo Park and when back in London Kew Gardens

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