I am a gardener not a terrorist…..

So you have been on your holiday to America seeing family and friends, and on the morning of your flight you decide to do some last minute gardening maybe using some fertiliser as your plant knowledge is utilised before your return.
Several hours later at the airport you have gone through all the security measures and are looking forward to getting on the plane and going home, when you are called for another level of security. This one involves having your hands wiped with a trace detection swab. It tests positive and suddenly you are public enemy number one.

Why because the system apparently makes false positives if you have handled plant fertilisers. This would certainly make the heart race and woe betide if you were already using some cardiac medicines as these can also cause false test results. So my gardening friends with weak hearts maybe it is time to reconsider your trip to the states. And if you don’t go think how much lower your carbon footprint will be.
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