Funeral & Remembrance Flowers

Funeral and Remembrance flowers from the heart.


We passionately believe that funeral flowers should be beautiful. They are an expression of love and a celebration of a life lived.  At The Secret Garden we are proud to offer an alternative to traditional, formal funeral flowers, with our hand-picked seasonal flowers*, which are a true celebration of life and nature. Grown locally and without the use of chemicals, we can also offer hearts, sprays, crosses and wreaths made using biodegradable bases.

Sending flowers to the funeral, and to the grieving family is a way of expressing love and support, when sometimes words can seem inadequate.  Even more so, when important anniversaries occur, flowers are a way of telling someone that they are in your thoughts.  We would be happy to advise on available flowers and arrangements, so please feel free to call Sarah on 086 1200 269.

We can also offer flowers for the church, including vase rental if required. In an ideal world, we would ask for 48 hours’ notice for larger orders, but we understand that is not always possible, so orders can generally be accommodated at short notice.

Prices from €30.  

*Out of season, imported flowers may be used if necessary.

“There’s rosemary, that’s for remembrance; pray, love, remember.”

Rosemary has been associated with love, death and remembrance since the Ancient Romans and Greeks, which is why it has a long history of being used at both weddings and funerals, and why  I love to use it in all my funeral arrangements.



“From my body, flowers shall grow, and I am in them and that is eternity”

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