DIY Traditional Christmas Wreath Kit

When you want something classically festive for your front door, this is the one for you – as well as the classic trio of fir, holly and ivy, there will be a mix of seasonal greenery, pine cones, orange slices and cinnamon stick bundles, we can almost smell it now!

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What’s included

Mossed 12” (medium) or 16″ (large) copper wire frame (we’ve done the messy bit so you don’t have to).

Reel of wire

Stub Wires


Foliage (this will be a mix, including fir, holly, ivy and seasonal evergreens )

6 pine cones

10 orange slices

3 cinnamon bundles, wired & ribboned.

Full instructions & link to video tutorial.

*Important Information*

When your kit arrives please unpack as soon as possible The moss ring will be in a compostable bag, which you can leave it in until required. It is best stored outside or in a cool outbuilding, if it starts to dry then spray with water – don’t let it dry out. Foliage should be unpacked, the end of the stems recut and placed in a bucket of water in cool outbuilding until required.

There will be ample materials in your kit to make a beautiful wreath, but there is nothing stopping you adding extra materials that you may have or can forage locally. This will be explained in more detail in the instructions.  Tools required – either secateurs of strong scissors and a pair of wire-cutters (these are not strictly necessary but using scissors/secateurs to cut wire may damage the blade).

Available from 1st December. Last date for orders Monday 14th December.

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