Willow and Foliage Wreath


If you are looking for a wreath with as little footprint as possible then this is the one.

Made from willow and foliage grown by Jillian @ Jill’s Cut Foliage Acre here in North Cork, this is completely biodegradable. Jill makes them using a variety of her foliage, including eucalyptus, hebe, rosemary and silver sussex.  The foliage will dry beautifully, and as there is no plastic, when you are finally done with it, it can be left out in the garden or on the compost heap.


Out of stock

Each wreath is made by hand using natural materials, so there will be variations. The wreaths are approximately 30cm in diameter.

They are ideal for grave wreaths as no plastics included in the product so will naturally break down over time.

They can be delivered nationwide via courier.

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