Malones Green Cleaning Products- A review

(7th May 2011) On receiving a surprise package of fantastic cleaning products from Malones addressed to this blog, my delight was at getting such a lovely gift and one which would come in very useful as well as be a product I would use as it has no harsh chemicals.

For Sarah the pleasure was “well as the package is for you as the author of the blog I expect a lovely clean house”. Rather than subject you to an image of me doing some cleaning, I have selected this fine specimen for you to feast your eyes on (I only wish my body still looked like this).


I have already purchased products from the Malones range as they fit into our environmental principles and currently have the delightfully lavender fragranced Furniture Wax Polish (containing no cfcs, solvents or silicone) and the Lavender Spray & Mop Wooden Floor Cleaner ( containing no solvents, silcones, amonia or bleach).

The pack contained 5 products from their range of ten household cleaners……

Antibacterial All Surface Cleaner
Natural Wooden Floor Cleaner
Spray & Mop Wooden Floor Cleaner
Leather Care
Lavender Wax Polish












What I do like about the range is the scent (I adore Lavender and the Citrus from the surface cleaner) and the fact that the  products is made from natural ingredients . The Chesterfield and briefcase look fantastic, the floor is clean (until the boys and dogs come back in) the house smells divine and I am in the good books with Sarah. Next job the office in the garden centre……..

For more details of the Malone range check out

4 thoughts on “Malones Green Cleaning Products- A review”

  1. I’ve been using Malones’ products for years and I adore their natural smell which ensures I keep on buying….. love to see that in this day an’ age that a natural Irish product is still produced, still available and for purchase…. wonderful….

  2. You should send in your comment to Malones Ena as they have a section for testimonials and you could win some of their lovely products and get a picture of you on their website.

  3. Malones new campaign directed at house hubbies maybe……sales through the roof, clean houses and happy women……

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