Laburnum Watereri Vossii (Golden Rain Tree)


A familiar sight in late spring, the hybrid form ‘Vossii’ is by far the best variety of laburnum, producing a lavish display of extremely long clusters of yellow flowers. The poisonous seeds are not as abundant as on other varieties, and if removed it can ensure good flowering the following year. It can be easily trained on an overhead structure and looks good planted with Allium hollandicum ‘Purple Sensation’ and  Cotinus coggygria ‘Royal Purple.


People are often unnecessarily put off the Laburnum because of the fear of the poisonous seeds (never ever had any animal or any of our children eat the seeds, they would need to be on stilts or a trampoline to collect them) which is a shame as this tree came through the recent hard winters unscathed, copes well with wind and is great for bees.

And as they start from €25.95 a must for the garden…….

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    1. All sold out…..and we are changing our business model so we wont be getting any further trees. They should be available through any garden centre as they are a fairly popular treee.

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