Mallow Home and Garden Festival 2011

So the Mallow Home and Garden Festival returns, although improved I don’t think I would describe it as the ultimate home and outdoor living event. When we first visited Ireland in 2001 the event was fantastic with crafts, community events, plants food and so much more. We even made contacts with several suppliers from the early shows. However in latter years the costs outweighed the benefit of attending and the promise of an international food market was one maybe two food stalls.

I do feel that the nurseries that attend do have a great range of plants but I don’t agree with having to pay to get in particularly when you get more for your money at Bloom and for the plants person the rare plant fair at Fota gives you exactly the same for little cost.

So will I attend, I will indeed as we have complimentary tickets from one of our suppliers….what i would recommend is that you come to The Secret Garden Centre we don’t charge, we have a great selection of plants and products that you would find at the show and we have tea, cake ice-cream and loads of gardening treasures.

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