New Products: The Waspinator, Crumb Rubber Mulch and Greenworthy biodegradable plant ties.

(9th July 2011)Three new great,green products are now in stock and include……….

The Waspinator

“Wasps are very “visual” insects. They depend on a keen sense of sight to catch moving prey. Predatory Insects, like many wasps and all yellowjackets, have large, prominent compound eyes. Other insects that hunt live prey also have very large compound eyes (for example, praying mantids, syrphid flies and horse flies). Highly visual insects tend to respond to their environment based on visual stimuli. Thus an artificial nest like The Original Waspinator may be perceived as a competitor and be avoided.”
—Jack DeAngelis, PhDAssociate Professor of Entomology, Emeritus

So literally the wasp thinks it is the nest of another group of wasps and scoots out of harms way allowing you to enjoy the peace in the great outdoors.

Pack of 2 for €14.95

Crumb Rubber Mulch

A great Irish product which is made from recycled tyres, this decorative mulch has the following benefits
Safe and secure under foot
High safety rating
Consistent and impact absorbing
Drains quickly
Inert – no plant or animal life will live off it
Ideal for slopes and open areas
Easy to spread

€6.50 for a 10kg bag

Greenworthy biodegradable plant ties






The Greenworthy plant ties are new to the market. They are very versatile and have many uses. These plant ties are biodegradable, organic and can be re-used. The cotton  ties are very gentle on  plants and their unique ability to stretch allows them to’ grow ‘with the plant hence  no damage is  caused to stems . The plant ties are soft to the touch and simple to use.

The plant ties are ideal for tying tomato plants, runner beans, raspberries, climbing roses, trailing plants, sweet pea, shrubs, herbaceous plants and even small trees, in fact anything needing support.  They are also  suitable for indoor plants.

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