Apple Redlove

Coming soon to the Secret Garden Centre is the talked about Apple ‘RedLove’ series.

• Uniquely coloured – Rosy-red flesh with a beautiful pattern running through it
• Deliciously tasty – Crisp and juicy with a hint of berries
• Even better for you – Higher in antioxidants than other apples
• Disease resistant – Exceptionally high resistance to scab
• Attractive in the garden – Unusual, long-lasting, deep pink spring blossom
• Versatile in the kitchen – Delicious eaten raw but also ideal for cooking (it retains its red colour)
Grown on M9 rootstock, it will produce an easily managed tree up to approximately 2.5m (8′) tall in the garden, smaller if grown in a large container. Though not self-fertile, it’s easily pollinated by other apple trees, even up to 300m away. Supplied as a top quality 1 year old, single stem, bare root tree, with full growing instructions.

And even more enticing is how it can be used to make Apple Pie…..

Full details of price and delivery date will follow soon.

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