Not your usual Spring Bulbs

When you think of Spring flowering bulbs most of us will talk of daffodils, snowdrops or crocus. Not there is anything wrong with them as they bring signs that winter is passing and that spring has arrived. The cheery swathes of yellow flowering daffodils have brought joy to many including Wordsworth who in his poem ‘Daffodils’ describes them as ‘Tossing their heads in sprightly dance.’

However there are delights which can often be overlooked or not even made available as it is safer to supply the familiar old varieties. Well not here at The Secret Garden where Sarah spends many an evening cooing and ooing at bulb catalogues selecting the rare and unusual.

To give you a wee taster of what we have to offer you this spring

Bellevalia pycnantha ‘Green Pearl’

This rarely offered spring flowering bulb is best described as a grape hyacinth on steroids. This form has flowers that start off green and fade to a pale greenish white. Fully hardy but requires good drainage and sun or semi shade.

A 1 litre pot retails at €6.00


Chionodoxa sardensis

A delightful spring flowering bulb with intense blue flowers. Very hardy but does not like to be baked in summer sun best under deciduous trees or plants such as hostas which will cover them for the summer.

We have many more bulbs in stock including a range of tulips, Camassia quamash Ornithogalum nutans, Corydalis solida Incisa and some of the more usual suspects.

For the real bulb fanatics how about this story which I picked up on Twitter courtesy of Jane Powers @PowersFlowers. A rare snowdrop bulb Galanthus woronowii Elizabeth Harrison sold for £725.10 on ebay. Wish we had a few of those to sell.

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