A garden fit for a pallet recycler

Like many people when one thinks of recycling pallets, a pallet composter is one of the the first things that come to mind. In the garden centre we have six in total so we can rotate them to speed up the process. They take the usual suspects of chopped leaves, discarded plants and leaves, old potting soil, fruit scraps and tea bags coffee granules from the T room.

We receive a large number each year so the untreated pallets provide the fuel source for the wood burning stove in the T room keeping you warm.

We have noticed the quality of the pallets has improved recently and have been inspired to become creative in our recycling of them through the many fantastic ideas we have seen on Pinterest recently.

Pallet Potting Bench
Pallet Bug Hotel

Adore this vertical pallet garden which when painted and planted looks fantastic.

These are only a small amount of the uses that I have shown to wet your appetite, if you want to see more check out my Pinterest pallet board.

And if you need a Pinterest invite let me know…….

4 thoughts on “A garden fit for a pallet recycler”

  1. Love all these ideas! but desperately need pallet composters instead of large heap at bottom of garden! then think I will make potting bench (when I say, I will make, I mean Niall will make 🙂


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