Breezy Gardening Plant Holders: A review

For any of you Dragons Den fans here in Ireland I am sure you will remember the fantastic pitch from Noel Joyce of Breezy Gardening I was particularly delighted to see him do well as we had spoken in August 2011 when Noel’s product was in prototype mode. I liked the product for general gardening but could also see the product working well for people with limited mobility or disabilities (my other role is providing rehabilatitive support for people who have sustained an acquired brain injury).

Well, Noel was successful in his pitch and his prototype is now a finished product, of which we received some to trial last week. The pot holders are a simple but very clever device that allows you put up pots 5-6″ for use on overlap sheds and fences.

Rather than describe the process I have used the image from the web site, but as you can see it is a very quick process and there is the option of using an additional fixing if required.

I actually tried it first with the overlap on the reverse side and found it was just as easy to use and is just as secure. Noel might tell me off here or call me a technical genius for doing this, the latter I hope. I was able to put up all three pots in less than a couple of minutes and selected some rather lovely pelargoniums which look quite fetching against the painted fence.

I had to try the pot holders in the way they were designed to be used and so I took one one down sliding it out gently and then slipped it into the overlap fence following the simple instructions. It did take me two attempts to get it right and once in place the pot was added and hey presto an instant vertical garden.

So now I have had my hands on them, what do I think? Well they are simple to use, the instructions are clear and it appears you can use them on both sides of a fence, which makes them pretty handy. I have always been a fan of adding pots to walls/fences and particularly love red pelargoniums on white walls as they remind me of holidays in Greece. The advantage of Noel’s product is that you can put them up without any tools and if you want to you can use a screwdriver to put in a couple of tiny screws. Made from plastic they won’t rust, so no stains or repainting required and they can be recycled if need be.

The holders retail for €4.99 for a pack of three or there is the Dragons Offer of 2 packs for €8.99. This might be the only sticking point for some customers but having sold and bought other holders you would be spending much more for pot rings and other similar products.

I can see this working well where tiny hands may like to ‘help’ in the garden and this places them out of harms way and makes a plain old fence or shed look far more attractive in an instant.

So what do you think? Would love to hear your views.

2 thoughts on “Breezy Gardening Plant Holders: A review”

  1. La Vie en Rose

    I think this is a fabulous product and can see it would be really handy for anyone with arthritis or special needs to be able to put it up without pesky tools. Love it and they really do add a mediterranean feel to your fence.


  2. A delayed response to your comment Sharon (I blame the IT department ;)). We need anything to add a mediterranean feel after this year. 🙂

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