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blog awards ireland

It seems that someone who reads my blog (The Strive for a Greener Garden Centre) felt we were worthy of a nomination for this years Blog Awards in the Best Eco/Green category. So sat here with a cuppa I have a inner glow but in reality I know I use the blog less than I used to, a combination of writers block, the use of so many other social media outlets and a bit of lethargy mixed in. Having taken a quick look at the other blogs in the same category there are some familiar names who I know are in a different league to myself (GreensideUp, Stone Art, Limmster and Pats Blog) so I don’t see the blog making the shortlist.

The blog awards have had over 1400 entries which is a phenomenal response and one can only guess how much work the organisers (Lorna, Amanda and Beatrice) have put in and how much more work they have to come!!!

For any new readers the blog was originally started on blogger back in May 2009 and back then I was posting left right and centre. The blog even had identified followers with pictures and names back then however the transfer over to an integrated wordpress site and blog means I have lost the familiarity with readers. I like names and pictures sad but true. With the blog being part of the garden centre it does mean I struggle to find new material as I often feel it has been covered already so I tend to link to other blogs.

However I often feel there is other material I would love to blog about but would not be appropriate here. So keep your eye out for a new blog along the lines of ‘The Rants of a Cantankerous Old Git’


Just been advised we have also been nominated in the Best Blog Of An SME as well. Must have at least 3 people who read the blog then.

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    1. Thanks Charlotte, and the recent amendments you have done to the site make the blog page much easier on the eye.

  1. Congratulations & delighted for you! I must say however that you do yourself a disservice. Having followed your blog for a very long time (yes back in the Blogger days) I can say you most definitely deserve a place in all three categories and I hope the nomination inspires you to tap the keys once more and keep reminding us what makes your garden centre so different from all the others. Best of luck in the shortlisting and thank you for the kind mention 🙂

  2. I don’t think it’s how much you post Brian, it’s what you post. I have my favourite blog posts of yours and I admit I have sat down with a cuppa the odd morning just to browse (love the snow one best). I believe your nominations are truly deserved, and whoever nominated you thinks so, therefore you should too. I wish you the very best of luck and thank you for the lovely mention 🙂

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