McKennas Irish Food Guide 10th Edition

Well on the same evening as my Lime Canvas news I came home from a hard weeks work. The latter part of the week is my social work time so I always like to catch up on the garden centre news. A letter was awaiting for me and I expected it to be full of the usual selling me something, you owe us money etc. So Imagine my surprise when I opened it and was greeted with

The tenth edition of The Irish Food Guide was published this autumn, and you are receiving MG News because you are featured in the book.

Our little Tea Room being included in this prestigious guide was one of those moments where you have to read it again to make sure you hadn’t misunderstood. But there it was in black and white. So for us it means recognition and the ability to use the McKennas’s Guide plaque which is the most respected symbol of excellence in Irish Food and is a vote of confidence in what we are doing in our Tea room.

So what does it mean for you the customer, the visitor, our guests? Well it means you still experience the peace and tranquility of the location with birdsong in the summer and the warmth of the stove in the winter months.

In terms of what you experience, tea will always be made in a pot and served in china, and coffee (McCabes Organic) will be freshly made to order, whether filter, expresso or cappuccino. Cakes will continue to be made locally with the finest ingredients. Our suppliers will continue to be selected on their individual merit and sourced appropriately. So in reality it will be the same as before but maybe just a little bit better.

So we hope you do come and discover our little gem here in the windey lanes of North Cork.

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    1. Mutual congratulations Margaret.

      And even better our water is not on the mains so nasty aftertaste. Look forward to meeting you.

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