Moving on up!!!!!

Sometimes you get an offer which just cant be refused and even more so when the timing is just right. After our super long winter we had been evaluating the display tables made of recycled packaging crates, working out which had seen their final days and those that could be given some tender loving paint. Given they have lasted 10 years they have done well…..

Later that afternoon and out of the blue we received a phone call from the local creamery/farm store offering four large display tables which they had purchased when they had developed a garden centre in 2008. In the same year they and another business decided to open a garden centres slightly swamping a limited market. Given this was the year that Ireland went into an economic downturn there were bound to be casualties and thankfully we have survived whereas the other ventures did not. The tables had been in storage and we were given first refusal.

So off Sarah popped to inspect the tables. They were to good to turn down, especially as we would never have been able to have afforded purchasing them in the first place, so with a price agreed and payment made, the next day they were delivered and Operation ‘Moving on up’ began.

Where the previous large shrub beds had been in the central part of the garden centre and all shrubs were on the ground we went for a revamp moving display beds around and replacing the old beds (breeze blocks and timber) with shiny upcycled tables.

So when you visit next you will find more plants moved off the ground making them easier to view, and as the tables have an integrated watering system the plants will be kept in tip top condition with the gorgeous hot summer we are due!!!!!!

So when you next visit it may take you a while to work out all the changes but it should be an even more pleasurable experience than it was before……

2 thoughts on “Moving on up!!!!!”

  1. We are from England, our Son and his Wife and two young daughters live down the road in Dromagh.
    Each time that we visit them we have to spend an afternoon at The Secret Garden.
    Lovely area, lovely plants (well cared for)., lots of interest for parents and children, super tearoom, and a very warm welcome from the team, and the livestock!
    I was even fortunate enough to visit when there was a gardening session in the poly tunnel.
    We cannot recommend the Secret Garden highly enough.
    Lovely place and reasonable prices.
    Very best wishes to you all.

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