Strange how things just happen

Last year there was a shout for volunteers to judge the Blog Awards of Ireland so I thought what the heck why not. So I requested to judge the Best Humour Blog (I do like wit and sattire) and Best Photography Blog (thought there was bound to be some gorgeous flower images)

The very lovely Eadaoin, the genius behind the lense.
The very lovely Eadaoin, the genius behind the lense.
One blog that really stuck out was that of Eadaoin Conneally and her blog ‘City of Blackbirds’

I was taken by Eadaoin’s ‘About Me’ in her blog which reads as follows…….

The name City of Blackbirds comes from a poem I wrote a long time ago, it refers to my first experiences adjusting to urban life after growing up in the Irish countryside. I was surprised to discover that city birds, confused by street lights, sing deep in the night when they really should be asleep. The very first Dublin house I lived in had a blackbird who regularly visited the garden in the wee hours and woke me up with his song. Since this blog is about the things I find beautiful in my daily life, it just made sense to name it after one of the most beautiful things I have discovered here.

Through a combination of photography and words my desire is to reflect the beauty I see in this world of ours. I love to shoot plants & flowers, good food and inspiring places. I hope you’ll find this a thoughtful space, where you can take a moment to reflect with me and share some of your own musings.

Not only was Eadaoin a very eloquent blogger she captured some gorgeous images as seen in some of the examples below


Sadly Eadaoin did not win last year category, and I think I sent an email or left a comment leaving a simple acknowledgement and over time we connected through the various social media channels. Well last month Eadaoin made a visit with her parents and their adorable dog Jake. Although having never met before it was not hard to spot Eadaoin as her camera was a give away.

Well after chatting, taking many pictures, eating cake and fending off Jake’s many admirers Eadaoin and her parents departed. Although Eadaoin had said she would post some of the images I had forgotten about this until waking this morning and saw a very lovely tweet ‘It’s late, but before you go to sleep pay a visit to The Secret Garden Centre in Cork’ with a link to Eadaoins blog. Rather than share more pictures I suggest you follow this link and enjoy her work.

From judging to connecting to sharing…….social media can certainly make things happen!!!! And I shall have my fingers crossed that Eadaoin’s blog wins an award this year.

2 thoughts on “Strange how things just happen”

  1. The photos Eadaoin took were beautiful and yes, I agree, it is strange sometimes how things come about 🙂 Sometimes I will visit – we were down in Cork in Jan but it was during your closed season

    1. Summer is definitely the best time to visit Lorna, but I know like us that is also your busiest time. Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment. Social media has definitely made us more than just ‘a local shop for local people’!!!!

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