A perfect background!!!!

When we put up the shop, the range of colours for varnishing in the recommended product (Sikkens) were somewhat limited (Pine, Light Oak, Dark Oak, Mahogany, Walnut, Ebony, Teak) We selected Pine and after nine and a half years of topping it up, the pine is now much more like a brassy orange tan. So it was time for a much needed change.

secret garden centre,
A bit of brassy orange pine!!!!

Well thankfully Sikkens have brought out a new range of over 40 different colours. So with a week off work (the other job) my painting adventure started. Paint colours and finish bravely selected all by myself (a first according to the sales person in the paint shop, most men apparently phone and ask their partners).

Coat one…..could only be described as ‘Oh my god what have I done’.

The following day coat two, a rather sickly blue green tinge, still ‘oh my god , was this a good decision’.

A bit of brassy orange pine and the second coat
A bit of brassy orange pine and the second coat

Coat three, like it lots in the beautiful sunshine…..two hours later a torrential downpour of mammoth proportions. Thankfully paint untouched.

Coat four, oh yes rather gorgeous if I say so myself. So onto the doors and windows in a contrasting seabreeze blue colour.

After an initial start of, this is so therapeutic, slowly developed to, I ache and I am rather bored of having blue hands…..I much prefer to have green fingers.

However at last the finished project is here.


A perfect foil for plants
A perfect foil for plants
The shop front at dusk
The shop front at dusk

What do you think of the colour scheme? Would you consider using it as the perfect background for showing off your plants? It certainly makes a lovely foil. Next job the tea room.

4 thoughts on “A perfect background!!!!”

  1. Certainly a brave transformation! Looks a bit macabre, but hopefully will wear well. Hope Sarah et al approve. Ah well, next stop the T room. How about crimson or shocking pink now you’re in the mood? Time will tell!

  2. I was at the garden centre today and you have done a lovely job. The shop has been transformed and I have been inspired to do similar myself. Rose

    1. Alan passed on your lovely feedback. Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment and look forward to seeing your transformation.

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