Thursdays Treat: Secret Garden Honey

Honey Bee
Honey Bee

Courtesy of lots of these small fellas, at long last a great Irish summer, the abundant flora and the care of Alan there will be a glut of honey this year as the two onsite hives were filled to the brim.

Earlier this week Alan and his partner prepared the hives to remove the ‘supers’ before coming back to remove them.







As you can see they were filled to the brim with about 140 lb’s of honey, off they went where Alan will be extracting, flitering it and then filling jars so it will be ready to sell later this year. Not a bad return for providing them with some lovely nectar from the garden centre.

For anyone interested in keeping bees watch out for our events where we cover bee keeping or alternatively check out the Federation of Irish Beekeepers Association

2 thoughts on “Thursdays Treat: Secret Garden Honey”

  1. Lovely honey bee photo Brian! You’re so lucky to have Alan’s bees there and their honey must taste so sweet with all those flowers to feed upon.

    1. Thanks Dee. Alan is really quite excited about the honey this year and can’t wait to taste it as there will be so many influences through it this year.

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