Thursdays Treat: The beauty of flowers

Since being handed Sarah’s old digital camera I have a new found hobby of flower photography. I love the creativity that getting up close and personal with the flowers allows and have even bought a macro lens so I can really see the intricate beauty of nature.


To see more of the images check out our Instagram account (Irishsecretgardener) which hopefully will inspire you to add some of these beautiful flowers to your own garden. Just don’t be surprised when you visit if you see me lying on the ground, have my head stuck in a table of flowers or making my own creative arrangements.

There is a real community of gardeners from all around the world who enjoy taking and sharing images, something I particularly enjoy as you see flowers which would not be common to Ireland and vice versa.

2 thoughts on “Thursdays Treat: The beauty of flowers”

  1. I can see why as it’s very addictive. You’ve shared some lovely images there of late. It must be wonderful to be surrounded by such beauty on a daily basis. A macro lens is top of my own very short list of things I’d like just for me 🙂

    1. Thanks Dee, as do you. It is easy to forget it, when dealing with the plants day in day out somehow taking the photographs allow me to appreciate them more.

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