Had a great chat with a customer yesterday about our mutual love of plants with foliage. It spurred me on to do some bed time reading so I pulled out a book I have not looked at for some time. It is entitled ‘Foliage-dramatic and subtle leaves for the garden’ by David Joyce

It has stunning images and the way he uses categories and sub categories makes it very easy to find what you are looking for i.e. Leaf colour- Metallic lustre’s or Cool variegation.

It is definitely not just about flowers…………

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  1. The green man

    Just a thought …..The New Exotic Garden by Will Giles published in 2000 by Mitchell Beazley.
    A great little book for all of us that like a little bit of exoticism in our gardens, fantastic photography and use of foliage plants and hints and tips on keeping the more tropical plants alive in our climate…….just a thought.

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