A place for birds

One thing we really enjoy at The Secret Garden is the number and range of birds that share our home and garden. At the end of last year we put up this camera nesting box on the front of the shop. In the spring a pair of blue tits took up as tenants and began the process of setting up home. It was incredible to watch the intricate process as the bird rotated to compact the material as well as leave a space for the eggs. Seven eggs were laid and the process of watching the eggs being turned amazed us all. On the morning of the 9th May we were delighted to see what turned out to be seven chicks all with hungry mouths. The parents began the process of bringing in food and quickly the chicks started to take shape and became more and more vocal when the parents returned. If a customer was stood near the box the parents would wait patiently before taking in the next delicacy which was quickly gobbled up. Both adults and children alike were amazed with many thinking it was a video until they looked out of the door and could hear the chicks above them. In less than three weeks the chicks had left the nest and it was like we were abandoned parents. We hope that we have tenants again next year.

Even if we don’t there have been nests all around the place including Starlings in the eaves above the front door (messy and noisy when young so no wonder they grow up to be the chavs of the birdworld), Swallows in the old duck house which was our recycled shop building, Robins in the shed and Wrens underneath our display tables. The hedges then are another story………..

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