The perfect rose

Rose de Recht has the most striking deep pink flowers and although the bloom is only two and a half inches inches across and consisting of up to 100 petals it certainly grabs your attention.

The growth habit of Rose de Rescht is upright, and compact, a tidy and well-shaped bush that will gradually grow to be about three or four feet high and wide. As such, it is a wonderful choice for smaller gardens. The foliage on Rose de Rescht is dense, vigorous and abundant.

A special feature of this rose is called remontance, the name for the characteristic in plants that permits them to rebloom. This refers to a plant that blooms two or more times in a season, either in distinct phases or after a rest period. Rose de Rescht is a prolific spring bloomer with good reliable repeat blooms throughout the year. If the plant is deadheaded or periodically pruned back, rebloom is even better; and it is often said to always be in bloom.

Rose de Rescht is relatively shade tolerant, and will bloom well in partial shade or filtered light. It is described as having fair to good disease resistance, however I find it to be doing excellent especially as it has not had any specific care or attention other than removing the old blooms.
Last but not least, perhaps the most captivating quality about this little gem of a rose is its fragrance.

So if you wish to try a rose this has to be one to consider.

2 thoughts on “The perfect rose”

  1. I totally agree with everything you say about this rose – it is an absolute jewel. I have found it to be as disease and pest free as any rose can be and never treat it in any way other than dead-heading.

    It suckers beautifully – but not rampantly – giving the opportunity to plant more in the garden. I first came across it in an elderly lady’s garden grown as a hedge either side of a path. She also grew it against a trellis where it had reached a height of five feet or more.

    I’m amazed that this rose isn’t more widely known.

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