Natures outdoor theatre

It is always a pleasure to enjoy the garden more so when it is filled with the array of entertaining insects.

The bumble bees and honey bees from our own hives have discovered the delights in the garden now that the whitethorn flowers in the hedgerows have died down. Just outside our back garden we have a Nepeta which is drawing in all and sundry much to the amusement of our youngest who loves watching them move from one flower to the other.

We were treated yesterday by the visit from a Hummingbird Hawkmoth (Macroglossum stellatarum for the clever people) with its long probiscus and audible humming noise as it fed on the nectar. We have had regular visits from them in the last few years and I do believe our removal of the use of chemicals has aided this.

So now with a mug of tea and the camera in hand I am off to see what other attractions are in today’s garden show……

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