Annes Grove Gardens

For what ever reason the gardens at Annes Grove do not get the visitor numbers they deserve. In a selfish way this is a blessing as you can always enjoy the beauty of the place without masses of people however it really does deserve to be shown off to more people. So if you are ever in North Cork head over to Castletownroche and experience this delight for yourself.
Rather than me ramble on about its delights I have added a couple of pictures from my last visit as well as the link to the website. The photos are truly stunning and do a far better visual description.

2 thoughts on “Annes Grove Gardens”

  1. One of the great things about Annes Grove is that its ups and downs and general boskiness can easily absorb two or three chattering busloads of visitors without anyone really knowing they're there.

    During my years gardening there it always felt as though I had the place to myself, no matter how "busy".

    It's sorely disappointing that the recent hard work undertaken by the owners of Annes Grove and the Irish Heritage Trust to secure a supported future for the gardens, acceptable to both parties, should be nipped in the bud by Mr Gormley.

    I recommend a visit to anyone who is remotely interested in great gardens and doesn't mind a bit of an adventure in North Cork.

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