Looks good now to paint…..

We have had lots of requests from family and friends to see more images of the new building so here goes.

The building is similar to our original shop and is a timber-framed log cabin style constructed from European soft wood sourced from sustainable plantations.
As energy efficiency is very close to our hearts the building has a double-insulated ceiling which will help to retain heat in the winter and keep the building pleasantly cool in the warmer months. Large glass windows and doors offer stunning views while increasing passive solar gain. In the colder months the wood burning stove will ensure the building is kept warm. Again the stove was selected over other heating methods reducing our reliance on imported (and finite) fossil fuels – oil, gas and coal account for 89% of Ireland’s total fuel imports. By burning wood, we are allowing the remaining Irish peat bogs (which have taken hundreds of thousands of years to form) to remain intact, thus improving the carbon sink. It will be our aim to recycle the untreated wooden pallets that we receive as our fire wood source.

For the building the next stage is the painting and varnishing and for this we have selected Farrow & Ball Eco Floor Paint and Water Based Eggshell (an environmentally friendly alternative to Oil Eggshell.) for the interior. It does seem like an endless task so maybe a paint party is required.

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