I have always been a lover of trees and adore when you find an unexpected treasure in an open field or you find an area where they have remained unfelled and allowed to age gracefully.

Within our own acre we have over 35 trees including Hornbeam, Oak, Zelkova, Birch, Eucalyptus, Prunus, Ash, Malus and sweet chestnut etc Bar the ash on the boundary the eldest trees will only be a maximum of 20 years so not yet reached maturity so at the moment I have to dream of what they will come to look like.

If you can not wait a great book is The Living Wisdom of Trees by Fred Hageneder which is richly illustrated and provides a guide to the human significance of 55 trees, from alder (Alnus) to oak (Quercus). It looks in particular at their botanical characteristics; their place in world myth, magic and folklore; their healing properties; and their practical contribution to society.

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