Big windmills

I was on the road today doing a delivery where I had the pleasure of driving up close to Munster Joinery Ireland’s largest window and door company. Not somewhere I would usually rave about however being close allowed me to see the two wind turbines that they installed earlier this year. It is impressive to see them up so close as usually the turbines are placed in bleak mountainsides with limited access.
Equally impressive is the fact that Munster Joinery have taken on such an innovative approach to source a solution for there energy requirements that will significantly reduce there carbon footprint. This installation is reported as providing this green,carbon free on-site energy source, amounting to an estimated energy cost saving in excess of €1 million over the next 5 years. The 4 MW-installation at Munster joinery will provide enough energy to power the equivalent of 2,262 houses and will displace over 9,000 tonnes of carbon per annum.
Pretty impressive stuff and I am sure Munster Joinery and Wind Energy Direct will receive further accolade for this green project.
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